About me:


Hello, my name is Bogdan, I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in the Bay Area, California and I would like to thank you for visiting my site. I will go straight to the point, which is also the reason you are here: my photography... 

First of all, my work is not about Photoshop manipulation. My images are not defined by some fading trend. I bring an expert's understanding of lighting and composition to my work, and one of my qualities is putting my subjects at ease in front of the camera.  

I like to keep my photography as close to reality as possible. My goal is to capture the essence of who you are by capturing your day naturally, without trying to attempt to pose you into someone who I think you should be. As a wedding photographer today, I do my best to manipulate the scene as little as possible. I may help the light along in a given situation, but I still prefer to allow things to occur organically. I think brides prefer it that way as well. The energy I give for each and every event is spent on anticipating, and reacting to real moments in time. I'd rather wait for the moment, than to make the moment.  

My style is glamorous and natural at the same time. My images tend to have the finesse of a pose with the natural feel of a candid image. I place a big emphasis on the storytelling aspect of the day and I shoot with empathy for more striking and powerful images. But in addition to that, I also make sure that I never leave a wedding without creating several "Wow" shots. 

My clients are connected by a love of great photography and an understanding of its importance in their lives.  

The words that best describe my images are light, texture, dimension, mood, composition, anticipation, passion, emotion, energy and romance.  

I'm looking forward to hear about your plans, feel free to call me or shoot me an e-mail.  

Phone: 209-595-0215 

E-mail: bogdan@bogdancondor.com