INFO: Planning for your wedding


Planning Your Wedding Photography 

Acquiring the services of an appropriate wedding photography studio is arguably one of the most important aspects of your wedding – ensuring that your wedding photos are clear, colorful, and properly capture the people, emotion, and setting of your wedding will mean the difference between bland memories and a set of wedding photos that you can revisit time and again to relive your special day. 

Here at Bogdan Condor Photography, we spare no expense or effort in making sure that all the details of your session are accounted for, that all preparations are made well before the event, and that your final wedding photography images are beautifully finished in high detail. 

Before you order your cake, it’s wise to think about how to manage wedding photography services for your event. This quick checklist will prepare you for what’s to come, and ensure that your wedding photography images properly reflect the magic of your wedding: 

1. Select the style you want for your wedding photography images  

2. Determine an affordable price point, and find a wedding photography studio that fits your budget. 

3. Make sure the features you want are covered in the wedding photo package you select. 

4. Choose a wedding photographer that knows how to manage wedding photography events. 

Selecting your Wedding Photo Style 

There are many options in how you want your final wedding photography images to appear. Are you looking for more close-ups, or more group shots? Would you like images that offer an artistic finish, such as film grain or altered color saturation, or would you prefer something more traditional? Discussing your plans with a professional wedding photography studio with experience in both digital photography and portrait photography can provide you with options that you may not even realize exist – be sure to discuss your wedding photo plans at length with your chosen wedding photography studio. 

Maximizing your Budget 

After determining how much you want to spend on your wedding photography images, you’ll need to weed out the photography studios that are either too expensive or who cannot provide the features you’re willing to pay a premium price for. Take the time to contact wedding photography studios in your area to determine fair price points, and remember that most will have websites that allow you to review their pricing, as well as any wedding photo discount packages. 

Make a List of Features 

Keep in mind that many of the features you might want may not be included in special pricing packages or discounts – some may charge extra for film development and finishing, while others might charge for DVD copies of digital photography. Before making any final decisions on which photography studio to use, make a detailed list of what you expect and compare it to the services your chosen studios can provide. 

Experience is Important 

Ultimately, the experience and expertise of the photography studio you choose will go a long way in determining the final quality of your wedding photos. While some agencies might offer lower prices, more experienced wedding photographers are more likely to show up properly prepared for the event, and will be more able to handle any special requests or requirements that develop during the events. 

To find out more about how to plan wedding photography that works for you, or to discuss the features and services Bogdan Condor Photography provides, contact us today! We will gladly work with you to create a perfect set of wedding photography images that you will cherish for years to come.